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IsiFect - In vitro Oligonucleotide Transfection


IsiFect™ is a transfection reagent based on branched Polyethylenimine developed for efficient delivery of nucleic acids into eukaryotic cells in vitro.
IsiFect® provides highest transfection efficiency of any modified or conventional siRNA as well as DNA in many cell types. IsiFect® shows excellent delivery performance for a wide range of cell types combined with low cytotoxicity.

CatNo: 12/01s0,2 mlPrice: 199,-€
CatNo: 12/01l1 mlPrice: 799,-€

Standard siRNA and Primer Sets

BianoScience offers validated standard siRNA sequences and negative controls which have been used in hundreds of internal experiments. These standard siRNAs were delivered as unmodified olignucleotides together with respective SYBR Green primer sets. Controls are further more available as fluorochrome labeled oligonucleotides - please contact us for your specific requirements.

For standard siRNA oligonucleotides we offer:

standrad purity (>85%)   10nmol (Price: 150,-€) and 100nmol (Price: 510,-€)

high purity (>95%)          10nmol (Price: 199,-€) and 100nmol (Price: 620,-€)

For high purity oligos please add "HQ" to the order number. Other scales are available on request. Press "read all" to explore our database.

Standard Stem-Loop Primer

Stem-Loop PCR is an efficient method to detect and quantify short oligonucleotides within biological material including blood and animal organs/tissus. BianoScience provides validated Stem-Loop primers and positive controls to analyse a variety of miRNAs as well as siRNAs. Detecting siRNAs using Stem-Loop PCR is beneficial to investigate Biodistribution and optimize in vivo delivery.

For special request please contact us - we would be happy to assist you in the design of your special primers and experiments.

BianoScience Stem-Loop primer sets contain Stem-Loop-cDNA primer as well as qPCR primer based on SYBR Green method.


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