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BianoScience patent portfolio

BianoScience shares the following patent portfolio with the Friedrich-Schiller-University of Jena, Germany. Our patents are administered by the patent law firm Vossius and Partner, Munich Germany.

Biologically active molecules, particulary based on PNA and siRNA, method for the cell-specific activation thereof, and application kit to be administered

EP 2121922B1

CA 2678044C

DE 102007008596B4

US 9347060B2

Cell specifically effective molecules on the
basis of siRNA and application kits for the
production thereof and use thereof
DE 102009043743B4
US 9315808B2
Cell specific activatable biologically active
molecules on the basis of siRNA, method
for activation, and application kit
AKZ 10 2010 022 937
Biologically active molecules for influencing
virus-, bacteria-, parasite-infected cells
and/or tumor cells and method for the use
AKZ 10 2010 004 957
WO 2011 / 085720
Biologically active nucleotide molecules for
selectively killing of cells, use thereof, and
application kit
AKZ 10 2011 009 470
WO 2012 09823
New cell specifically active nucleotide
molecules and application kit for the use
AKZ 10 2012 022 596
Interfering nucleotide molecules for the
targeted cell death, method of use thereof
and application kit
AKZ 10 2013 003 869

Source: https://bianoscience.com/Patents

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Phone: +49 365 77347180
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