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This Privacy Policy governs the collection, processing and storage of data generated in connection with the use of our website. When handling data collected in this manner, we observe laws applicable in the Federal Republic of Germany and the following obligations:

In general, it is possible to use our website without providing personal data.


  1. Use of cookies
  2. Anonymous data collection on our webpages
  3. Collection of personal data; Use of forms
  4. Third-party access to data we collect
  5. Maps from the GoogleMaps™ map service
  6. Links to other websites
  7. Use of contact information from our website
  8. Changes to this Privacy Policy
  9. Right to obtain information

Use of cookies

Our web server sends small text files (so-called cookies) to your browser which then saves them to your computer.

Cookies simplify your use of our webpages, for example by saving the font size you have selected (zoom level) and the session ID. The session ID prevents, for example, commands from being executed twice in error. No personal information is stored in cookies.

We provide these cookies with an expiry date: The cookie with the session ID expires at the end of your session. The cookie with the font size expires after 365 days in the event you do not visit this website again within these 365 days. To the extent your browser is not configured otherwise, it deletes these cookies automatically once the expiry date is reached. You may delete cookies manually at any time in your browser settings.

Anonymous data collection on our webpages

Our website’s web server automatically collects and stores information related to every request it receives in an event log. This includes:

  • Browser type and browser version;
  • Operating system used;
  • Referrer URL (the website from which you accessed our website)
  • Search terms you have entered
  • The host name of your computer (IP address, in shortened form);
  • Date and time of your request;
  • The name and path of the requested file;
  • The volume of data transferred; and
  • the HTTPstatus code of your request.

This data is transferred automatically by your browser to our web server. Data is processed anonymously. It is not possible for us to combine this data with other data or to associate such data with you personally. Stored data is used exclusively for statistical and security-related analyses (for example: Number of page views, investigating attacks on our web servers).

Collection of personal data; Use of forms

When collecting personal data, we are guided by the principle of collecting and storing as little personal data as possible, meaning if you contact us, for example by using the relevant form, personal data is only collected and stored to the extent this is absolutely necessary.

We will only collect personal data after you have given your consent. Your data will only be stored for purposes of creating, performing or terminating a contractual or quasi-contractual business relationship and will only be used for the purpose and to the extent you have consented. You may revoke your consent at any time with prospective effect. Following revocation, we will delete the data concerned unless we are obliged to store such data by law.

To the extent personal data (name, address, e-mail addresses, etcetera) are collected on our website, for example on contact forms, this is done on a voluntary basis. Your data will not be provided or sold to third parties without your express consent.

If make use of the opportunity to publish comments or similar contributions on our webpages by using the relevant functions or forms, data that you enter will be stored and published on the relevant webpage. You may revoke your consent to having this data stored at any time and submit a request to have the data you entered deleted. You may send the revocation of your consent to the operator of this website named under Legal Notices.

Third-party access to data we collect

In general, we collect, process and use data from our webpages ourselves. We will inform you accordingly in the event personal data is collected by third-party service providers.

This likewise includes the sale or other use of your data. Excepted from this provision are statutory reporting obligations on the basis of which we are required to process data and send it to public authorities.

Please note that if you contact us by e-mail, or in the case of data transfer via our web server (for example by entering data into forms), complete protection against access by unauthorised third parties to transmitted data cannot be guaranteed.

Maps from the GoogleMaps™ map service

These webpages may contain so-called plugins in the form of maps, satellite photos and route plans from GoogleMaps™. You may use them among other things to plan travel routes. These maps are a service provided by Google Inc., 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA; hereinafter referred to as “Google”.

Each time you access one of our webpages containing such maps, data is loaded from the Google web servers in order to create the appearance and functionality of the maps on our webpages. As part of this process, data is sent from your browser to Google and stored and processed there.

You may obtain information on the collection and use of transmitted data from the Google website.

By using our webpages that contain Google maps you consent to having your data processed by Google.

You may revoke your consent at any time by clicking the button at the end of this paragraph with prospective effect for this website. Your revocation will be stored in your browser for 365 days via a cookie and then automatically deleted in the event you do not visit this website again within 365 days. You must revoke your consent again if the cookie has been deleted manually or automatically.

This Privacy Policy does not apply to websites from other providers to which we provide a connection by means of hyperlinks.

Use of contact information from our website

Please note that we do not consent to the use of contact information published on our website for commercial use. This includes, in particular, storage in data processing systems for data trading purposes and use for general market purposes (for example: sending unsolicited information materials and marketing flyers via regular mail or e-mail).

Changes to this Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to make changes to this Privacy Policy to take new circumstances or a change in environment (legal or factual in nature) into account.

Right to obtain information

In accordance with the German Data Protection Act, you have the right to obtain information stored about you at no charge as well as a right to have such data corrected if applicable, blocked in whole or in part or deleted. The right of deletion does not apply to invoicing data or information used for accounting or tax purposes respectively data for which the associated business purpose has not yet been completed. Data collected pursuant to consent for a specific purpose will be deleted once the purpose for which such data was collected no longer applies.

If you have questions regarding the collection, processing or use of your personal data, or have an inquiry regarding requests for information, correction, blocking or the deletion of your data, please contact the operator of this website listed under owner identification on the Legal Notices page.


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