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Dr. Tobias Pöhlmann
Ronneburger Straße 74
07546 Gera

Phone: +49 365 77347180

„Due to the transparent project management within BianoScience, projects almost were performed like internal projects. Efficient, high quality, comprehensive costs.“

                                                Stefan Sauermann, CEO, YAYA Diagnostics

"I trusted BianoScience with a novel oligo chemistry which included protocol development and novel analytics. I have rarely seen the type of ambition together with sound technical knowledge and flexibility reaction to challenge."

                             Dr. Steffen Panzner, Researcher

“BianoScience is our partner for oligonucleotide production and analytics. The team is committed to high quality work, accomplishes the projects within given time frames and has convincing know-how in the fields of oligonucleotide analytics and chemistry including state of the art modifications."

                          Prof. Dr. Soeren Schreiber

                         Founder and CSO of Soluventis Nanotherapeutics”


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Lab in Gera

BianoGMP GmbH
Ronneburger Straße 74
07546 Gera | Germany

Phone: +49 365 77347180
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