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Whether it is a small-scale research oligonucleotide or hundreds of grams for your clinical program, whether it is a standard oligonucleotide or a highly modified and complex molecule, whether there already is an established manufacturing process or the manufacturing process needs to be optimized, whether you need primer oligonucleotides or GMP Quality – BianoGMP is your partner.

With more than 15 years of experience in therapeutic oligonucleotide development, high level of analytical expertise, manufacturing process optimization and project management, BianoGMP supported multiple R&D as well as clinical oligonucleotide programs.

Beside manufacturing, BianoGMP is also able to provide support regarding

·      Studies on ADME and Pharmacology

·      Process characterization

·      Dose range finding studies

·      Determination of critical parameter

·      Cleaning validation

·      Risk assessments

·      Analytical method validation

·      Life cycle management

·      Design of preclinical and clinical trials

·      Finding of European partners for Formulation, Fill&Finish and clinical studies


BianoScience high quality Oligos for high quality research

“BianoGMP -
High Quality Oligos for High Quality Research”

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BianoGMP GmbH
Ronneburger Straße 74
07546 Gera | Germany

Phone: +49 365 77347180
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