BianoGMP GmbH
Dr. Tobias Pöhlmann
Ronneburger Straße 74
07546 Gera

Phone: +49 365 77347180

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Oligonucleotides to support your science

With more than 15 years of experience in RNA interference BianoGMP is more than an oligo supplier – it is a partner for your projects.

Oligonucleotides and Modifications

Biano`s scientists have experience with a lot of standard and customer specific modifications.

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Oligonucleotide Analytics

Validated analytical services to investigate purity and identity of your oligo compounts is our central focus.

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Large scale and GMP Oligonucleotides

Biano offers oligonucleotide manufacturing for your project - if it`s small scale research or large scale GMP quality.

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Bioanalytics, Pharmacology and Drug Development

Based on our experience in Peptide-siRNA drug development, we can assist you in your drug development program.



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BianoGMP –  Science dedicated to human health

"BianoGMP –
Science dedicated to human health"

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Lab in Gera

BianoGMP GmbH
Ronneburger Straße 74
07546 Gera | Germany

Phone: +49 365 77347180
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