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BianoScience GmbH
Dr. Tobias Pöhlmann
Dieselstraße 26
08058 Zwickau

Phone: +49 365 77347180
Fax: +49 375 21437169

Since its launch in 2012 Biano is offering oligonucleotide manufacturing. During these years the most challenging projects and the most complex oligonucleotides have been the ones that we learned the most from. These projects often resulted in an intensive customer relationship and proofed the Biano expertise. These projects benefited from cutting-edge analytics, experience in manufacturing and the Biano`s attitude in customer relationship and solving problems wherever they arise. 

We support your early-stage programs with small and intermediate-scale production and your clinical-stage programs with up to hundreds-of-grams API quantities.

Special experience exist with a broad range of oligonucleotide conjugates/modifications including 

·      GalNAc

·      PEG

·      Cholesterol

·      Polymers

·      Peptides

·      Lipids

·      Base and sugar modifications

·      Backbone modifications

Source: https://bianoscience.com/Oligonucleotides_and_Modifications

BianoScience high quality Oligos for high quality research
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Office in Zwickau

BianoScience GmbH
Dieselstraße 26
08058 Zwickau | Germany

Phone: +49 365 77347180
Fax: +49 375 21437169

Lab in Gera

BianoScience GmbH
Ronneburger Straße 74
07546 Gera | Germany

Phone: +49 365 77347180
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